Short Bio

I am a guitarist based in Amsterdam and i compose original music based on the Jazz/Prog/Rock idiom.

With my band "The Associated" i have the pleasure to play around and outside the Netherlands in theaters,festivals and clubs.


I also teach guitar at Fluxus in Zaandam and at the Kunstencentrum in Utrecht.

Long Bio

Born in Catania(Italy),i started playing guitar at the age of 11 and learned the basics of the guitar from my father.
In 1992 i graduated in theory and solfege and in 1994 earned the V° year classical guitar diploma at
the Conservatory of Catania(Italy).
In those years i have studied electric guitar at Lizard School of Music in Florence (Italy) with
M.Mellner and G.Castellano and started to be active in the music scene of  my home town ,Catania(Italy),performing in clubs and local tv shows.
In 1998,after i graduated with the highest marks, i started teaching at Lizard and together with the
school teaching staff , i wrote “Scuola di chitarra elettrica hard rock/heavy metal”,a guitar method
edited in Italy by BMG|Ricordi.
In 1999 i became more interested in jazz and moved to Milan(Italy), where i studied with D.Minotti
(Baglioni,CPM) and G.Monteforte(F.Cerri,L.Konitz) by then i also teached at Yamaha music school of
In 2000 i got accepted at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (Nethelands),there i had the opportunity
to study with H.Sprenger,E.Verhoef,M.Van Der Grinten and also to attend several clinics
of many famous jazz musicians.
During that time i played all over the Netherlands in various formations going from pop to jazz .
After i graduated in 2005 at the Conservatory of Amsterdam,i played in Italy all over Sicily for a year and teached
at Schizzi Sonori school of Music in Catania(Italy).
i ve also took lessons from the famous guitarist Scott Henderson,who said:”Fabrizio sounds
great! Has chops,a really good tone and he knows how to phrase”
In 2010 i am been the director of the Modern Music Academy( in
Zaandam,first school in the Netherlands partner of the Rockschool network (
In 2013 i have been invited to Latvia to give a masterclass at the Ventspils Muzikas Vidusskola.In
Latvia i have also performed as guest artist with the city big band at Ventspils Groove Festival.

I have also travelled to Serbia to perform my own music in two different occasions with the trio Faigle(Leon Coenjaarts on bass and Igor Plzak on drums)
In the Netherlands i am active with my own trio(the Associates) with Leon Coenjaarts on bass and Ian Riksen on drums, performing/recording  original compositions.We had the pleasure to perform in and outside the country in theaters and festivals.

i am also  teaching guitar  at FluXus in Zaandam and at the Kunsten Centrum Nieuwe Vaart(Utrecht)
My  album “Almond and Coffee”  has received some positive reviews and is now available at: